So it’s 2am and I should most definitely be sleeping and not up perusing the seedy world of SL fashion. Ok, not so seedy but very sexy….and way better than scamming on infomercials and losing IQ points. I’m chatting with my bestie Cloey and she always brings out the fashionista in me. It’s because she’s got some rocking style and she’s an amazing sis that is keeping my mind off of my sexy man while he’s busy with work. BOOO for work. LOL. My style under the stars tonight is way edgier than usual for me and with an extra dose of ‘whoa baby’. Hope you lover it.


Love and Hugs,



Blog - Scrub_001(edit)

Shape: My own – Not for Sale

Skin: LOGO Infinity – Sadie base skin ~ Amber/Style 1(includes bonus french manicure nails with length HUD)

Mesh Head: LOGO Infinity – Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar ~ Amber (includes eyelashes and eyes with color HUD)

Hair: Truth – Swift ~ Espresso

Mesh Hands: Slink – Elegant1 ~ LOGO Amber Applier

Mesh Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears ~ Unisex

Necklace: Earthstones – Perfect Fit His and Hers ~ Silver

Ring: JCNY – Forever Engagement ring 4.0 ~ Platinum

Bracelets: Mandala ~ Sinra2 ~ Silver/Moon

Top: Scrub – Just a Little Red

Skirt: Scrub – 8 Buckles Skirt ~ Black

Shoes: N-core – Sense 2 ~ Noir Intense


Hells Yeah

I am very lucky to know some insanely talented designers on the grid and I love passing along the places I fall in love with to my friends. Absolutely nothing makes me smile more than hearing “OMG! I hate you for telling me about that store! I’m going broke!” LOL! I have to say, I’ve been hearing that a looooot lately since I started wearing clothes from Biker Braatz and Bastards. Woot! You have to love finding new places shop in SL.

As many of you know, I do the biker thing in SL and I absolutely love it. I am VP of HAMC England (so if you’re looking to join a rocking MC, hit me up) and I’m always looking for sexy clothes to rock out with my cut. There are places that do biker clothing in addition to other stuff. I think there may be one store that does exclusive biker items but I have to admit, they are sliding behind the times. It’s all about mesh baby and new, fresh designs and FINALLY a place to get great clothes for women and men! Blaze Firelight (owner, creator and all around kick ass person) is rolling out stuff so fast that if you blink…there’s something new out and her store is like nothing you have ever seen. Amazing textures, unique designs….definitely NOT your everyday SL look.

So, if you’re into the biker thing, if you love that hard rocking look or if you just want to wear the hottest shit SL then there’s only one place you need to go. Oh and I can’t wait to hear you tell me that you hate me for introducing you to this hawt store. Say hi to Blaze and tell her I sent you her way.


Love and hugs,




Blog - Biker Braatz_001


Shape: My own ~ Not for sale

Skin: Logo Infinity ~ Sadie Base Skin {Amber/Style 1}

Mesh Head: Logo Infinity ~ Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar {Amber/Body Fat 16/Smile} w/HUD

Hair: Exile ~ Kiss Me {Extreme/Moreno}

Eyes: Logo Infinity ~ Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar {w/HUD}

Nails: Logo Infinity ~

Make up: Logo Infinity -

Hands: Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands {Elegant1 w/Amber applier from Logo}

Necklace: Earthstones ~ Perfect Fit {His and Hers/Silver} <3 TY Aley! <3

Bracelets: Mandala ~ Yuzu Sinra Bracelet {Silver Moon} <3 TY Aley! <3

Dress: Biker Braatz and Bastards ~ Celeste {Snake Eyes}

Belt: Lapoint and Bastchild S’wear ~ Urban Belt Unisex {Death Skull} <3 TY Aley <3

Tattoo: FTFY ~ Custom tattoo

Shoes: N-core ~ Sense2 {Noir Intense}


A Beautiful Day

There have been a lot of ups and downs in SL. I’ve met friends that I will never ever forget and people that I keep telling myself were in my life for a reason….even though I can’t fathom that reason for the life of me. I made choices over the past few months that have brought me places that I never would have imagined I would find myself. I will forever be thankful….not only did I find a wonderful family in Hells Angels World but I also met the love of my life. The best things are never planned and never expected….and it makes them so much sweeter when they happen. Today, the most wonderful man I’ve ever met asked me to be his partner and his wife, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. He’s made me happy beyond words. I love you Aley…thank you for loving me back.

I Got That Feelin’

It’s like this man. I’m just lookin’ for a little peace round here. People seem to be wantin’ to like, distort my groove. We need a movement man. We need some faith, love and solidarity. It’s all about the love man, can you dig it? Gather round my friends, smile, laugh, pass the pipe. Things are too far out not enjoy the ride and Dazed Dezinez is the most far out place I know, brother. Can you dig it? Feel my groove, baby.  Right onnnnnnnnn.



Blog - Dazed_001(edit1)

Shape: My own – Not for Sale

Skin: Al Vulo – Julia {Intense Night} **Group Gift**

Eyes: Mojo – Real Eyes {B105}

Eyelashes: Gaeline – Mysteria {Mesh Eyelashes}

Eye Enhancement – Tuli – Inner Eye Enhancement {Tintable} **Cheapie**

Lip Enhancement – Tuli – Parted Lips {Option 1} **Freebie**

Hair: Truth – Kalia {Blacks and White/Espresso}

Hair Accessory: Earthstones: Hemp Hair Beads {Dusk}

Earrings: Starfall Jewelry – Chained {Platinum}

Necklace: Earthstones – Perfect Fit {His and Hers/Silver}

Nails: Mandala – Medium Nail Palette

Shirt: Dazed Dezinez – Rage Tank {Purple}

Jeans: Dazed Dezinez – May Jeans **Group Gift**

Shoes: HOC – Bolts II {w/HUD}


Sexy, Sassy, Smooth

Wow! What a month. I’m in the process of moving irl, kids going back to school….and maybe a little romance in the air??? I’m not telling. :) I will say, I have been spend happy lately, so I have to get my blog on and I’m running late! On my last blog I meandered out of the box to so you some of my favorite no so big name faves and this time I thought I’d mix it up. Now I’m feeling delirious! Woot!

Love and Hugs,







Blog - Delirium2 (edit)

Shape: My own – Not for Sale

Skin: Al Vulo – Julia {Intense Night} **Group Gift**

Eyes: Eyes by Starla – Bleuboi **Freebie**

Hair: Truth – Colbie {Blacks and White Fade 05}

Eyelashes: Gaeline – Mysteria Eylashes {Mesh}

Eye Enhancement: Tuli – Inner eye enhancement {Tintable}

Lip Enhancement: Tuli – Parted lips {Option 1} **Freebie**

Earrings: Starfall Jewelry – Chained {Platinum}

Neclace: Earthstones – His and Hers Perfect Fit {Silver}

Nails: Mandala – Medium Palette {w/HUD}

Corset: Sassy – Leather corset and panty set {Black}

Jeans: Delirium Style – Messy Jeans {Black}

Feet: Gaeline – Flat bare feet {w/HUD}

Taking Badass to a Whole New Level

I’ve been totally on the hunt for NEW, DIFFERENT and FUCKING AMAZING and I have totally found it. Almost everything I’m wearing is fun and outside of the box. Don’t get me wrong, I ‘ove my big famous stores (I will never leave you Ivy!!) but finding hidden treasures that aren’t my normal shopping route is an absolute blast. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this stuff and for good reason, the creators of this stuff is mega talented.  I hope you like my finds and a big TY to my readers that have turned me on to a couple of these new stores. Now, loooove it and buuuuy it.

Love and Hugs,


Shae N Audra (edit)

Shae’s Wearing


Skin: Mojo – Lovely 2/18 (Chestnut)

Eye Enhancement: Tuli – Spotlight Eyes (Sky)

Tuli – Asturias (Light Grey)

Eyelashes: Tuli (Black)

Hair: Dela – Dolce (Dark Blonde)

Nails/Bracelet: Mandala – Kabuki (Shangri-La Pink)

Bracelet: Kosh – Lotus

Necklace: Earthstones – Broken Heart Set (Onyx)

Necklace: Kosh – Thorn (Pewter)

Armband: Kosh – Braided Leather

Ring: Earthstones – Johanna (Suglite)

Shirt: V-Twins – Testimony (Dark Grey)

Skirt: Ducknipple – (Black Option)

Boots: Insanya – Myx Boots (Classic Black)

Tattoos: Delusions – Stars

Delusions – Shut the Fuck Up

Letus – Cetus (MM933)

Audra’s Wearing

Shape: My own – Not for sale

Skin: Lara Hurley – Heather (Smokey1/Nude lips/Tan)

Eyes: Mojo – Real Eyes (B105)

Eyelashes: Gaeline – Mesh Eyelashes (Mysteria)

Hair: Dela – Lori (Blacks and White)

Hair Accessory: Earthstones – Hemp Hairbeads (Dusk)

Earrings: Starfall Jewelry – Elegant Jewelry Set/Teardrop (Silver/Diamond)

Necklace: Earthstones – Perfect Fit (Silver)

Hip Chain: MG – Babbette (Ivory)

Nails: Noya – Eclypse Mesh Manicure Set (Silver/5 Rings)

Shirt: {F.A.D.} – Aristotle Hoodless Top (Black Leather)

Gloves: DN Mesh – Opelia Gloves w/Hud (Black Option)

Shorts: Erractic – Nikki Sequin Hotpants (Silver)

Boots: Ten”10 – Megas Boots (Black)

Leather and Lace

I definitely have a bit of a tomboy side to me but the other side is full on girly. What better way to mix the two up than with a little leather and a little lace and what kind of biker would I be if those two didn’t come together on my ride? I was privileged enough to get a hold of one of Shira’s newest releases the Breathless Bodysuit. There ain’t nothing about this look that you can’t fall in love with! There are so many options, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess the most obvious is for some sexy private time with your someone special…rawr! This look can also be paired up with a pencil skirt and a jacket for a sleek professional look, a pair of sexy short cut offs for a smokin’ hot casual look, some yoga pants and an open cardigan for some super comfy time (check out Lazy Sunday at 1 Hundred to pull this off) and of course you can rock it like I did with a little leather skirt and some dangerously high heels to put in into gear for some OMG high adrenaline. If you haven’t been to 1 Hundred and you don’t know Shira’s style then you are definitely missing out. You just never know who’s heart YOU will get racing!

Love and Hugs,


Blog - 1 Hundred Bodysuit_001 (edit)

Shape: My Own – Not for Sale

Skin: Lara Hurley – Heather (Smokey1/Nude Lips/Tan)

Hair: Ploom – Katey (Indecisive)

Eyes: Mojo – Real Eyes (B105)

Makeup: Human Inc. – Elegant Epiphany (Noir) $1L Promo

Lashes: Gaeline Cosmetics – Mysteria Mesh Lashes

Nails: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 (Medium)

Necklace: Starfall Jewelry – Tear Drop Collection (Silver/Diamond)

Earrings: Starfall Jewelry – Chained (Platinum)

Ring: Krystal – Alma Ring (Platinum)

Body Suit: 1 Hundred – Breathless Bodysuit (Plum)

Skirt: Happy Undead – Mini Skirt (Vinyl Black)

Shoes: N-core – Aura (Platine)

Bike: Custom Choppers – Bullet (SPE Ladies v5.4)


So insomnia has the best of me and I’m up at 2am watching an infomercial about 60′s music. I love that era even though it was before my time (I’m not that old yet but I feel it some days).

I have had a lot of changes in my life the past week and so I decided it would be a good time to make changes to the blog. I originally thought I would just delete this entire site and start over because sometimes starting over can be quite cathartic, however I have some very loyal readers and despite my desire to dump a giant part of my life by dumping this blog…well, that’s not fair to me or the people that enjoy what I do.

I will continue this blog without a partner but I still would love for you to send me all of the goodies you find a long they way, except I might be a little more behind the times (no surprise there!).

Forward all of the fabulousness Second Life has to offer to me inworld (Audra Davi) and never forget to get your smexy on.

Love and Hugs,

Time to hit the round up

time tableWoot woot! I have found new yumminess! I got a NC yesterday from a friend about an ongoing event called Fashion Wardrobe. Round A is the 1st-13th of the month and Round B is the 15th-30th (28th in February). Each designer provides a different item for Round A and Round B then they start again at the beginning of the following month. You guys know me by now and I do love a sale and now I have a non stop sale. OMG, someone call me a doctor! Round A for July ends tomorrow so get over and check it out so you don’t miss out on the deals and the great part is that you can scoot back over in a couple of days and snatch up the Round B hawtness. It’s like Black Friday every day of the year. I’m IN!!!

Love and hugs!


Fashion Wardrobe Poster Pass It Round _)

Summer, summer, summer TIME!!

Endless Summer Hunt Depraved Nation

Endless Summer
Depraved Nation


That song will officially be stuck in my head for at least the rest of the week. HA! You have got to love Heather Smithson and know that girl is never gonna let you be bored. Depraved Nation and Razorblade Jacket are throwing down yet another amazing and FREE hunt. It started June 20 (and yes, I’m late…please forward all complaints to Elke in the complaint department) but as luck would have it the hunt is running through July 2oth so you have loads of time to get your hunt on.

Here is the list of participating stores (100 shops! Woot!) and hints, as always I try to stay as updated as possible but if you have any issues take a gander at my fav blog Boys grab your girls because several stores are providing items for the guys as well. What woman doesn’t like free glam and time with her man??

The usual rules apply. Don’t distribute lists of the item locations. Don’t tp your friends directly to the hunt item. Don’t announce in chat where an object is located. Don’t bitch at shop owners for renaming hunt objects to prevent area search use or moving the objects so that people don’t get the word out as to where it is located. Don’t ask shop owners where their hunt item is (DUH!). So with all these don’ts there is the best DO. This is a hunt and intended to provide a fun way to find new and exciting shops, so DO have a great time and DO enjoy some great items. Good luck!

#01 Razor
Hint:  THIS item looks great ‘with’ those cordourys
#02 Sassy!
Hint: You can’t be tired from hunting already but have a seat and relax anyway.
#03 1 Hundred
Hint: Look Up High!
#04 Legal Insanity
Hint: sit on a sofa. if it’s not on it maybe it’s under it.
#05 Epic
Hint: You’re in the army now!
#06 Leri Miles Designs
Hint: Look for the bunny!
#07 Nerd Monkey
Hint: Check the messages or give them a call
#08 AngelRED Couture
Hint: Trixie Loves Boutiques!
#09 Blueberry
Hint: Don’t forget to look behind the counters!
#10 Hebenon Vial 
Hint: “Yours sincerely, .. “
#11 SuPerBia
Hint: WaRs ..
Hint: Such a pretty mannequin
#13 .:cheeky:.
Hint: I love the 90´s
#14 Barely Legal Couture
Hint: In the BEGINNING, all things are NEW!
#15 Kennedy’s 
Hint: See Hint Giver at Store
#16 Holli Pocket
Hint: These are as transparent as that fake snake you’re dating!
#17 .:* LOULOU&CO *:. 
Hint: Take some rest
#18 Ducknipple
Hint: Its a boy!
#19 Insanya
Hint: “Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”
#20 n-creation
Hint: Make yourself comfortable and get ready to trip!
#21 .:Damned Dolls:.
Hint: Take a sit can help you to find the gift
#22 [AsYLUM]
Hint: Summertime crime? You’ll need to cover your mug.
#23 Endless Pain Tattoos
Hint: don´t fall into the hole
#24 *** Just You Jewels ***
Hint: Are you sure that this box contains pictures?
#25 Defunkt
Hint: Follow the flight of the Phoenix.
#26 Zombie Suicide
Hint: Taking the time to think on it, can lead to great things.
#27 MiWardrobe
Hint: I watch you
#28 [ bubble ]
Hint: Find the Underwear section
#29 ~G O L A Industry~
Hint: Burp!
#30 [ S H O C K ] Factory
Hint: “The darkness will save me from your claws XD”
#31 Seddy’s Creations
Hint: Spikes or studs? Such an important question…
#32 .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop
Hint: Holly Hides Your Prize
#33 Duh!
Hint: Nothing like a frozen treat on an endless summer day!
#34 The Plastik
Hint: Winding, winding. Try not to get dizzy.
#35 Blow-Up
Hint: Flower Power!
#36 [sYs] Design
Hint: It’s not a Gacha ^.^
#37 Cute Poison
Hint: Come into the light.
#38 Sour Pickles
Hint: “Check the hint giver”
Hint: in front of you
#40 .HollyWeird.
Hint: “You Gotta Lick It!”
#41 [trs]
Hint: Summer flowers are so beautiful.
Hint: a pipe’s maze has many ways
#43 Auxiliary
Hint: phosphorescent
#44 .:CoLLisions:. 
Hint: Nothing says Summer quite like a bit of Calamari. (ooo tentacles!)
#45 *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~
Hint: See hint giver
#46 Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Hint: See hintgiver (mainstore entrance)
#47 M.Inc.
Hint: You will find it with the dark side
Hint: Bon Voyage
#49 Luckie
Hint: Netted
#50 ::A&A::
Hint: Love is all you need.
#51 Identity Body Shop
Hint: Fear is hidden behind every real warrior.
#52 Grumble
Hint: At the BEACH, it has 8 legs.
#53 ::mar::Creativity Studio.
Hint: Little Bird
#54 Pink Acid
Hint: Try this on for size
#55 {W&R} – {Witches & Rats}
Hint: For Girls ….
#56 { dollle* }
Hint: “Look for a box shelf”
#57 ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses
Hint: “ahhh those summer nights!”
#58 Reila Skins
Hint: Can’t ignore me in my Red lipstick
#59 Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: Endless Summer racing to Monte Carlo
#60 .:Useful Things:.
Hint: look into the shelve
#61 Diesel Works Poses & Animations
Hint:  Where you stumble at the edge of abyss, lies your treasure.
#62 *Anymore  
Hint: Welcome
#63 ..::Rotten Apple::..
Hint: grass is green but i prefer mine pink
#64 Adoness
Hint: What about the showcase?
#65 :::shiva:::
Hint:  I exist in the center of the building
#66 even.flow
Hint: Seek out the lady in red
#68 Demise of Flight
Hint: You can search for the prize high and low, but you’ll find it where the jewellery goes.
#69 :Caladesi Island Co.:
Hint: Sometimes its good to be tied up.
#70 //elephante poses//
Hint: “Together we’ll find what we’re looking for”
Hint: I’m down under
#72 Juxtapose
Hint: My desk is such a mess.
#73 22769
Hint: slap the orange hintgiver for actual hint – it whispers the hint in open chat
#74 [[ Masoom ]]
Hint: Find red
#75 etham
Hint: He’s watching you.
#76 KCollection
Hint: stay close to the nature 
#77 LivGlam
Hint: I want to be a GlamGirl
#78 Mon Chéri
Hint: Locate the item Scarlett O’Hara herself could make a PINK dress out of, and you will discover what you seek!
#79 Pure Poison
Hint: Panda’s are adorable!
#80 :{MV}:
Hint: Check Hint Giver on Sign (Right Hunt/Events Wall) may move through the hunt, always check this first!
#81 [QE] Designs
Hint: Maybe there are some coconuts up there..
#82 Le Primitif
Hint: Bottoms Down..
#83 ~Kabuki Creations ~
Hint: Tonight, You’re Mine (Laying section, ground floor only)
#84 Forever Young
Hint: Where did my head go?
Hint: I don’t need anyone. I can pose just find by myself.
#86 Rack City
Hint: You say Pyscho, I say Pyshca.. ;)
#87 [CIRCA] Living
Hint: Look past the aquatic porthole for what you seek.
#88 B*Fly Tattoos
Hint: Through my monocle I can see, that chick is drunk near me.
#89 PiCHi
Hint: pastel is rare!
#90 K2K Headquarter
Hint: Check the statues inside!
#91 :Sugar:
Hint: Don’t forget to say hi to Minnie!
#92 SupPoses
Hint: Over here powdering my nose
#93 Atooly
Hint: Try out this pose.
#94 ToXiC HiGh
Hint: I’m a robot [Gatcha] (There are 2 gifts at this location, 2 separate hunt objects)
#95 Palais
Hint: You can lead a monkey to food, but you can’t make him eat.
#96 Atypical
Hint: Check the boards if you’re feeling lucky.
#97 ::Fe Style::
Hint: you like play?
#98 Zentro
Hint: Skateboarder
#99 Hard Candy
Hint: This summer is going to be WILD!
#100 UnderDogs
Hint: The Welcome Desk